Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Kita beri laluan untuk iklan..

(Click for bigger picture)

Maybe some of you would be interested.
You can also contact my good friend Haslina at haslina@yapeim.net.my for the forms to fill out and details on how payments can be made.



  1. What is that about Cambodia? I have been there and have friends there.

  2. Ai,
    Every year during Eid-ul Adha (the 3rd day of hajj), muslims all over the world are encouraged to slaughter sheep/cows and its meat would be distributed to the poor.
    This program allows anyone who are interested, to pay a certain ammount to an Malaysian islamic organization, and the organization would slaughter and distribute meat to the muslim poor in Cambodia, in your name.
    I would love to visit Cambodia one day... :)