Monday, October 06, 2008

son sleeping solo

Taufik was still on holiday on saturday while the other kids had to go to school, so Izani got some precious one-on-one time with his ayah

Somehow I feel like Izani is growing up faster than my other kids. Perhaps it's because he has older siblings to teach him stuff. I think he talks faster and better compared to my other kids when they were his age, and he is also more physically adept (he can put on his shoes on his own, even knows how to switch and put the right one on the right foot) compared to the others.

What is most obvious at the moment is he is sleeping seperately from me at an earlier age than the others. If you can recall, it was a battle to get the older ones to sleep in their own room. With Izani however, he was the one who initiated the move.

One night, we were in bed, he asked "I wan seep, iham hoom". At first I thought he meant 'home', and I kept telling him we were home and that his abang Ilham is home as well. He kept insisting "Iham hoom!" till he was almost crying, when I finally realized that he meant he wanted to sleep in Ilham's room.

So we let him.

The first few nights, he'd be playing instead of sleeping. One night he even managed to convince all his siblings to wake up and watch TV. I woke up to find all four of them sprawled on the sofa in the TV room, and they all blamed Izani for 'making them watch TV'. I told them to be firm with Izani and say No the next time he asks. They also got nagged about it everytime they complain about being sleepy during the proceeding day.
He doesn't make them watch TV anymore, but sometimes he does bug them to play or read him a book, but I just told them to go to sleep and ignore Izani (for I know how they can sleep like a log and ignore distractions when they want to). Sure enough, after a while, Izani would fall asleep as well. It's kinda cute watching Izani pull up the covers up to his chin and repeat "goo nite bonda, i love you" after his older siblings.

So nowadays I have my bed and my husband all to myself. tee hee.
I can't help but feel sad sometimes, though. I miss having Izani sleep beside me. I miss getting a little hug from him in the middle of the night. I miss his tiny kicks to my back or tummy or face. I miss his squeaky snore. I miss him nuzzling under my armpit for comfort. I miss reaching out at night to hug his tiny purring body.
I gained a good night's sleep, but I feel like I lost my teddy bear.

Kids grow up so fast, don't they?


  1. They sure do! Believe it or not, I have 2 double beds on the floor, and we have Azam, Hanna and Zaira with us!

  2. Awwwwww. tak apa tak ni ada teddy bear besar untuk di hug.

    sometimes jack pergi bilik akak abang dia, but the bed is too small for him to buk with his akak (usually with akak). so we always end up carrying him to his bed (in my room) when he tidur. Hmmm or is it just me giving excuses.

  3. Awwwwww *jeles* *jeles* *i* wish i have the bed just the 2 of us! COngrats Izani. Sorry if Bonda miss him being in bed with her but I do wish Amalina would sleep in her own bed but it looks like it will still be a while yet.

    Enjoy your space!

  4. TulisJe11:25 PM

    Waaa! I want my bed back also!! We have both kids with us. We keep saying it's time to kick Aliff out but we never do. We're going to try to put him on a mattress pad on the floor next to us and see if that works.

  5. aww, enjoy the space! we tried kicking our 4 year old adly off the bed but gave up after a few attempts. the boy has so many reasons! macamana nak buat, eh?

  6. Khilfi already settle in his own room these days. Adik somehow still with us la he is looking for my boobies akll the time.. but only when his awake or else he is in his cot.. so i almost have the space again too. :P

    selamat hari raya kak lisa..

  7. Cute la izani. Muhammad almost nak tidur ngan abang2 dia. Tapi lepas sakit ari tu balik ke katil kami semula. Tapi dia bawak sekali harta benda dia- mickey, bantal busuk, truck, hot wheels. Abah dia yang kena tidur kat lantai ha ha

  8. kak lisa,
    believe it or not, my second son tu la yg still tido the same room with us.He sleeps on the floor though.
    Our baby Daril (1 1/2yrs old )dah lama dah tido dgn my eldest boy in the next room.
    I think we started putting him there when he turned 1.He's really eazy to take care compared to the other two.Yg no 2 ni macam baby pulak and my baby pulak la mengalah kat abang monster dia.hehe..
    tapi the other day memang my second boy ni tanya...mana katil adik?since in the abang's room ada 2 katil je, satu single bed, satu roll out bed where the baby looks like now memang he is prepared to sleep in the next room since he's already 3 1/2 yrs dah pun kena cari katil je la..camna nak fit 3 beds entah..hehhe

  9. Farah,
    It was like that in my house before we kicked them all out!
    (and judging from the comments, it looks like many people are in the same situation!) :)

    It's just you giving excuses. Move ajelah his bed into the kids' room. (I ni pandai ajelah kasi nasihat.. teehee)

    Oh tapi Amalina sorang2... I cannot imagine letting a little girl like her sleep alone! So it's either you get another one (tee hee) or get her her own bed and slowly move her out when she's older.

    We only got to kick Ilham and Ihsan out when Ilham was 8 okay. Anis got kicked out only because Izani came. Good Luck! :)

  10. Lana,
    kena tengok super nanny and tengok camner dia buat. Tapi I tak sampai hati buat gitu kat budak kecik2.. kalau dah 5,6 years old okay gak kot.

    Baguslah you.. kecik2 lagi dah train to sleep on their own. I ni pemalas, kalau bfeed masa tidur, biar aje kat situ.. heheh

    Kak Aya,
    Astaghfirullah, I can imagine, mesti Muhammad trauma kena dok hospital lama.. sian dia. (Tapi kesian kat Abang Shaharin jugak.. hee hee)

    belilah double decker :) Adakan katil double decker yang atas single, bawah double.. macam syok aje..

  11. Anonymous10:39 AM

    dont worry, it'll pass. been there done that. u'll soon enjoy the other teddy bear for the rest of yr life - busuk or wangi regardless...hehe


  12. KC,
    Ya lor, can't expect them to sleep with us sampai tua, kan?
    I always enjoy the other teddy bear, irregardless of where he sleeps or how he smells :)

  13. takleh la kak lisa,
    nanti diorg rebut nak tido atas or worse, diaorg sure jatuh..yg tu memang dah 100% certain.yg skrg baby tido kat roller bed pun kadang-kadang we all jumpa baby bawah katil!hehe..tgkla camna..maybe beli another mattress..hehe..

  14. ouchh sedihnya..although i badly need my space but tak sampai hati to kick nael out of our room and aidan move over to another bed...

    takpelaa elisa..big bear kan ada, kalau rindu, haaa peluk jer the ever ready big bear hehehe...

    selamat hari raya n maaf zahir batin *muah*

  15. 8 Syawal 1429

    Si Comel tu dah darjah satu. Masih lagi knocking on our door at night. Biasa la... buat tak layan je.

    Ramli AR

  16. my son is twelve still wants to sleep in our room ... when he dozed off, he asked to be awaken to be sent to his room...

    everyday!!! oops every night!!!

  17. You could always have more babies :)

    I know how fast they grow baby will be 20 next week. It seems like only yesterday he wouldn't sleep unless I cuddled him first. I miss those days but he is over six feet tall, he could cuddle me now!

  18. The first few nights, he'd be playing instead of sleeping. One night he even managed to convince all his siblings to wake up and watch TV. I woke up to find all four of them sprawled on the sofa in the TV room, and they all blamed Izani for 'making them watch TV'. I told them to be firm with Izani and say No the next time he asks. They also got nagged about it everytime they complain about being sleepy during the proceeding day.

  19. that's a very nice father-son bonding photo. i like.

    all four of us still in the queen+single family bed. for obvious reasons, need to clear the bed before january the latest...

  20. cepet banget izani mendirinya ya elisa.. duh.. klu pasha udah nendang beruang ke kasur single disebelah.. :)) rasanya nanti klo dia dapet adik baru mau bobo berdua ama adiknya satu kamar.. klo 2-3 tahun kedepan rasanya tak mungkin.. qeh qeh qeh..

  21. whoohooo ..

    izani sure grows fast. faster than ariz is.

    i always have a case of kicked-out-but-always-crawls-in-at-nights kids..

    Adani has been settled in the girls' room with the sisters, but for the past few months, she's sneaking back into our beds more and more .. these days, she has a motion sensor and would wake up while mrGart carries her over to her bed.

    Ariz is ah well .. still stuck on boobies .. so there. a crowded bed we have. and that's a king-sized bed, mind you!

    but like lolls said .. i'll take your bed, anyday .. can't wait for the days we big teddies can sleep on our own .. he he he

  22. i'll send you a teddy bear. :-)