Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Easy Peasy Sausage and Cheese Croissants

Inspired by Kak Nora's lunch box efforts, I, the ever malas (lazy) bonda, ventured to make an easy peasy version of the sausage roll, using ready made cheese croissants (available at any bakery/grocery store, plain also can) and some mini sausages (look for it at your frozen food section. I guess normal sized sausages will do too).
I just fried the sausages, slit the croissants on one side lengthwise (do not cut through), squeezed sauces per the child's preference (Anis wanted ketchup, Ilham wanted chilli sauce, Ihsan wanted nothing), then stuffed the mini sausages (3 or 4, depending on the size of the crescent bread) into the slits.
Wrap the croissants up in wax paper lined foil, and campak masuk lunch box.

Habis Cerita.

This is the adult's version, with mayo, lettuce and chilli sauce


  1. Uh..oh...right timing. I've started packing sandwiches for lunch for my husband and recess snack for Afiq.I'll join them soon.

  2. croissanwich.. yummeh

  3. eh chilli sauce kita ada lagi tak?

  4. elisa
    based on what I've read so far, taufik and you could be my former students at MCC. my salam to taufik and the kids.
    the world is getting smaller...

  5. BF,
    You're welcomed to try this out.. senang aje :)

    Eh you sebut croissandwich, tetiba rasa nak buat egg salad letak dalam croissand lah pulak.. *drool*

    Sudah habis!!!
    But we found a local brand yang sedap.. Rana Chilli Ketchup. Alhamdulillah :)

    Cikgu Johari,
    Is that you, cikgu? The one who use to teach me advanced calculus (sampai kitorang semua pening)?
    How are you sir? Do you blog too?