Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Not So Good Morning Teacher

*pulls hair*

Today the school is having a virtual school day.
That means that the kids are at home, doing school work from home, work that was given to them yesterday or from sites online.
Why are they having a virtual school day?
Because that big dolt from the land of the free is here for a visit, and since our school is right next to the embassy, for security reasons, they have decided not to have kids in school today.
So who has to be the 'teacher' for the day?

Since 7 o'clock this morning, I think I have screamed at them at least 3 times.
Once to make them brush their teeth and have breakfast.
Once to tear them away from the TV (that I turned on to stop Izani from disturbing them) and to start doing their work.
The last time was at 9:30am, at Ilham, because since 8am I asked him repeatedly to show me his homework diary and it took him one and a half hours to finally show me it, coz he kept doing 'other stuff' (he wanted to follow his class schedule to the T - first french, then science, then math, then literacy). When I finally gave up asking and rummaged through his bag for his homework diary, I saw in it that he had a literacy homework that was supposed to be emailed in before 9:30am. It was already 9:30 am and he hasnt even started!!!! arrrghhhhhhhh
sometimes I just want to strangle that boy.

It has only been two and a half hours.
I still have the rest of the day to go through with them.
God Help Me.

This is why I don't think I can ever homeschool my kids.
Or be a teacher.


  1. anak orang senang sket dari anak sendiri kut? heheh

  2. cuba kalau dgn anak orang elok tak ada scream-scream...hehehehe. I guess our expectation is different with our own kids. Gear tu terus tukar jadi auto kalau dgn anak sendiri - tak boleh manual, tak ada gear 1-5, alih2 terus masuk gear 3 and above!! haish...

  3. Children tend to believe their teachers more.
    Happy Birthday to Ilham!
    Biggggg hugs.

  4. hehehe... same here!! Baru aje nak start ajar, rasa macam bara api start membakar aje.. geram and asyik nak marah aje... bukan nak kata apa, tapi rasanya baik lah my kids belajar kat sekolah aje dari belajar kat rumah and asyik kena marah... hehehe...