Saturday, May 10, 2008

FOR SALE: The Little Red Mixer That Could

I want to sell my little red mixer.

I bought it for SR700, and have used it for less than a year. It has been a really good beginner's mixer. I have made countless cakes, cinnamon rolls and cookies with it. (You may have even tasted some of them!)
I now want to upgrade to a more professional mixer ;)

Anyone interested?
It would be easier if you're staying around Khobar-Dammam-Dhahran-Jubail area, but I am willing to consider delivering it to you if you are from Riyadh, Bahrain or Qatar (or even UAE), or you can come and pick it up yourself and sample some of its potentials! (yummeh)

Leave a comment here, or email me ( or leave a message on my book of face, whichever is more convenient for you.
I want to sell it for SR500, make me an offer!


  1. I want to buy! I want to buy! But the money would have to wait until July.

  2. Oh, and I'll have to think of a business plan, too, since working is out of the question.

    Simplest: buy all the gorgeous stuff from here and set a small shop cum coffee place, selling all things Indonesian. Nak tak? Excuse for monthly trips to Jakarta!

  3. kaklong - aiyahh how lah to deliver to you? Bawak masuk plane nanti takut rosak lak.. kena tunggu somebody punya shipping (so far takde orang balik, ramai orang datang aje).
    So nak offer berapa? Ghega adek beghadek?
    shop cum cafe - good idea!!

  4. 700 or 500 is quite a steal. its sold far beyond that in Sin. my mum offered me hers last year, same like yours but silver.

    i hope you're buyin kitchen aid? wich btw..ada ke kat Khobar?

  5. *errr i mean far above that.

    its 3am and im desperately tryin to load my digital photograph software wich btw i would buy if you're selling

  6. Salam Elisa, I would buy if am staying near to you. Hehe but you have to teach me how to bake. Never really baked before. Hehehe

  7. Elisa,

    Selamat Hari Ibu! I think you really a great mum to yours.

  8. kak elisa........ why aren't you here in UK?????? kalau tak i would have bought it dah.. boleh byr installments?

    i am seriously loving the KitchenAid Artisan.. sangat cantik dan sannngaattttt mahal :(

  9. swahili - well, it is considered second hand, so tak boleh lah nak jual SR700, kan?
    Yes, ada kedai jual KitchenAid in Khobar ;)
    I'm a little confused, you want to buy digital photograph software? Try lah.

    makteh - you know what, I only plucked up the courage to bake when I moved here! It's pretty easy actually. Just follow the recipe. I started with a cake in the box, then slowly tried making them from scratch. But first, (even before getting a mixer) you need an oven!

    nad - happy mommy's day to you too!! Don't sell yourself short. You pun tak kurang tau.

    Hanie - weh SR500 is berapa pound aje.. tak sampai 100 pun.. itu pun nak installment ke?
    I nak upgrade beli KitchenAid lah nih.. tee hee :) (Itu pun kena save up allowance berbulan2..)

  10. sungguh teruja dengan warna merah itu. hmmm mujur saja saya bukan berada di sekitar sana tu. kalau tak saya pasti membelinya - ghega saing.

  11. Okay, no problem. I'm still okay with my handmixer, anyway. Besides, can always hijack Mama's magimix.

  12. lisa...
    cantik mmg cantikk
    berkilauan you jaga ye..