Friday, March 21, 2008

Those who can't pipe, arrange

I am really bad at piping icing, so for Anis' birthday cake, I had to make do with arranging marshmallows and ready made heartshaped candy.
It's good thing too, coz my attempt at piping out the birthday girl's name turned out all squiggly.

We had a pool party that was originally 'Girls Only', but my boys could not stay away from the kiddie pool when they saw all the fun the girls were having and got some of their friends to jump in with them.
It was so difficult to get everyone to get out of the pool to cut the cake, but we managed to somehow.

The candles that I bought didn't want to go out, it got all the other kids blowing at it too. I started thinking aloud that maybe they were trick candles. Only then did I read the fine print on the back of the packet and found out they were "self-relighting candles"!

I had trouble cutting up the cake because it was so spongy and my cake cutter wasn't so sharp and all the girls wanted "the flower". This was the first time that I've been to a party where the cake is finished in the first round. Not because it was good (the cake was actually burnt a bit around the edges), but because it was so small!

How to make the cake:
Cake - Spongy Cake recipe, add a little red food coloring and rose essence.
Frosting - 1 cup whipping cream with 4 heaping tablespoons icing sugar, whipped till stiff, slap on all over the cake. Set aside 4 tablespoons frosting to mix with red food coloring to pipe into name. (I used a ziploc bag as my pipe).
Decoration - ready made heart shaped candy, mini fruity marshmallows. Arranged as flowers, colummns on side and sprinkled around for good measure.
Easy Peasy Lemon Squeazy!


  1. Internet is trying my patience these few days. Anyway, big hugsssss to Anis. Hope she enjoys some the DVDs.

  2. You sent us some DVDs?? Yay!!!
    Thankyou :)

  3. Sedapnya tengok your cake Elisa.. make me hungry ... ;-)

  4. I wish.. I wish.. and I will only wish I can make a birthday cake for my kids Lisa. Tapi, masih belum makbul lagi my wish... sebab I yang tak buat. Tak confident lagi. Mungkin I kena try sekali kot.. comel la cake tu and nampak sedap...

    Again, Happy Birthday to Anis dearie... Kiss her for me please.... thanks...