Wednesday, March 26, 2008

grr-lah-bah (gelabah = panic)

okay okay okay.

first things first.

Finally got my Growing Up In Trengganu!!! Yay!! Thankyou Papa!
I was so suprised to read my father mentioned by name in the acknowledgements :)
I was also suprised to see a sticker saying the book was a gift from the Trengganu former state minister.. errrr
I was pleasantly suprised to see the author's signature .. I will treasure the book forever.
I've only started reading it, but I've already cried once, when he mentioned that the brass bell on to of Puteri Hill was hand casted by Trengganu makers. I dont know.. just the image of how painstaking it mustve have been, got me overwhelmed with pride, and also sadness.
Oh, I cried twice, coz then I decided to read the last chapter and I couldnt help reading the trengganu bits out loud and it got me cackling to tears.
'Dia laghi sapa kecik ppala!' . gosh I havent heard that phrase for a loooong time.

I'm going to riyadh this evening. more story when i come back.

I took some pictures today:

gotta go pack. bye!


  1. That's a really good photo of Izani.
    You framed it like a pro :D

  2. You are welcome. The book you have is from the ceremony at Kelab Warisan courtesy of the state government.

  3. wal - coming of you, that's a great compliment!! thankyou thankyou :) Sayang nya I've used up my flickr quota for the month. I'll upload my pics this weekend.

    Papa - I didnt mind that it came as a gift from 'kerajaan trengganu', but was a bit miffed that the MB had to put his name (as if he bought it with his own money) and siap ada autograph dia pulak tu.. (as if he wrote the book!!) ek ele...
    I am really really enjoying the book Papa. I really wish you'd write one too! :)
    And the kids are enjoying your DVDs! Great timing coz it is now spring break.
    Thankyou so much!
    p/s met a few of your fans in Riyadh :D

  4. zahila3:51 PM

    cutenya. I suka tengok gambar little bee tu.. muaaahhhh cuteee sgt!

  5. Nana - Che' Ngah dia gave it as a present. I was cleaning out my closet and got him to try it on to see if it still fits and he didnt want to take it off! So I decided to take him outside and snap some pictures while he was in the mood. He was still wearing it when we drove to Riyadh.
    Sorry tak sempat jumpa you.. :(
    Maybe next time we go to riyadh, we sleep in Malaz pulak, okay?