Friday, November 25, 2005

if there's an award..

If there's an award for being patient and loyal to your blog service provider, I would probably win it.
It has been .. what.. more than a week? and I have absolutley abstained myself from writing here instead of there.
Until today that is..

Wehhh bila nak up nih?? Dah balik kampung makan ayam belanda ker??? Nampak gaya next week lah baru boleh kami 'balik kampung', ya?

Talking about going home.. i am reminded of the original reason of my writing this post.
I am going home on Dec 14th. My flight(s) have been confirmed and all. I renew my internet connection every month. This time it'll expire on the 7th of December. I'm thinking of not renewing it till I come back in January, coz I won't be around to use it anyways.
So why would this interest you?
This means that for at least 7 days, you have no way of contacting me. via the computer that is. and even when I reach home, I don't know when I'll be able to get my hands on a computer, since my usual 'internet-service-provider' (read: mokciknab) will be in Jakarta. But you can try calling me on my handphone. I will definitely call yat, famygirl or zan once I reach malaysian soil.
The reason I'm worried of not being able to be in touch is because of the gathering.
What am I supposed to cook, when are we meeting? somebody has got to keep me in the loop, okay?

btw, if this is your first time reading me, don't worry if you're confused.. this is like a personal message to my friends..

and Lollies, I was SO looking forward to see you and talk2 about your move. Maybe even make arrangements for a visit or something (It is possible to drive to Q@tar from here). But then it's okay.. we've still got our blogs, so we can still keep in touch, ya?

okay gotta go.


  1. Dear Elisa,

    I am secretly, it's a known secret tau, that my flight booking on the 12th tu telah termiss dalam database head hunter or something. Sebenarnya I yang book hari tu, pakai nama lover I. Through email to the head hunter. Sebab internet kat rumah i down masa tu. manalah tau I tak tekan sed or i tertype 22nd instead of 12th or tak ada flight on the 12th.

    See, I am being positive. So many possibilities. :-)

    Nevertheless, I hope we can meet up. You come Qatar. I go to Al Khobar, the oasis of saudi arabia. Betul ke ni?

  2. Akhirnya..muncul jugak anda.

  3. heheh...baru tau ada kat sini rupanya.,modblog ni betul laaa seksa jiwa raga..


  4. Hmmm tu la i've been trying to read your blog kekalau ade update but no luck :(

    Wah bestnya dapat balik Msia!! Jeles!

    Errk Lollies unless you can get visa into Saudi I think its probably easier to meet in Bahrain. Weh kalau buat rendezvous kat Bahrain tell me ahh maybe we can drive down as well.

  5. sungguh rawk itu gambar