Monday, November 28, 2005

Heads Up, this is a coup!

I am executing a coup. I am temporarily taking over the discussion for The Gathering from YB Bertique, the official supreme chief executive officer of The Gathering.

The reason for my berkobar-kobar-ness is, by 7th of December, irregardless of whether modblog is up or not, I will have no access to the internet. So all discussions need to start within these few .. *counts* .. 9 days.
9 days?? 9 days!! oh my god.


For you who are not in the know, here's the 411:
1. We are having a gathering of bloggers (modbloggers especially, but other bloggers who know any modbloggers should know that we don't discriminate you by your blog engines). Breads, lions/lionesses, cats, fruits, flowers, dervishes, dried fish, mokciks and teenagers (or those perasan teenagers) and all and sundry are welcomed with open arms. Just bring something.
2. The gathering will be on Sunday Dec 18th 2005, starting .. erm 1pm was it ? (bert please clarify).
3. The gathering will be at Taman Rekreasi Wetlands Putrajaya, at one of the picnic islands on the lakes. You have to park your car, board a boat and will be brought to the island where there is a covered barbecue place, but no one will stop you from spreading your tikars and sitting on the well kept grass. There will be a fee of $10 per person.
4. The gathering is POT LUCK. no rahsia2 please.. every one have to own up in advance to what they're bringing.

Which brings us to this discussion: What to bring?
I would like to suggest we have picnic food, because it is much easier to bring to the venue (remember that your stuff have to be angkut masuk boat). This means: nasi/mee goreng, pasta (looks at onde2 a.k.a oneEe),murtabak (looks at lollies), nuggets, drummets, buffalo wings (cewah .. sapa terrer buat nih?), salads, etc. We can have barbecued meats (and burgers/sausages) if someone is willing to bring some. They have a grill at the picnic island. Up to your convenience.

I am thinking of bringing a potato salad. or if no one is bringing any, i will goreng drummets/fries for adults and kids. or if someone is bringing sausages+buns, I can also bring a bit of chili con carne.
Depends on what we decide lah.

So get your brains running and tell me what you think!
Tell me if you can come and what you're willing to bring.


  1. err actually starting at 3pm.

    cool :D. makanan tuh, i masih belum decide / terpikior. ada nak request apa2 ?? hehehe

  2. rasa mmg nak pegi, tapi for now tak leh decide..and if I'm going pun macam tak sempat nak masak heavy...from bkt beruntung@12.30pm nak rush balik SD to masak and be there at 3pm...tercungap2 tu..think think..kalau agar2 or trifle which I can prepare overnite - boleh lah..apa lagi yang boleh prepare overnite? everybody to suggest..errr..pasta sauce pun boleh prepare overnite gak kan? hehe..anyway, I am open to any suggestions..


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  4. insyaAllah we will be able to make it. hari tu ingat buat on the 17th.

    i am still thinking apa nak bawak. maybe pizza kot. or maybe sandwiches. nanti confirm balik eh?

  5. mcm best aje gathering nih.we'll see la

  6. saya nak bawak..errr rahsia. tak boleh kasi tau. surprise!!!!

    Err, you know I tak ada kan Elisa. I'll be away already by then. Tetiba aje saya rasa nak buat murtabak. You come to Qatarlah. I cook for you.

  7. Oooohh...kat sini rupanya. Been cursing Modblog for days sebab tak dapat read your recipes and stories.

    This particular lion terasa nak join..tapi kena check calendar weekend tu ada kat mana. Bestnye!

  8. nusayba2:54 PM

    ill see in a day or two. the easiest i can prepare and bawa without tumpah2 thingies, and filling, would prolly be lasagne. but majority makan ke idak?

  9. Sambutan agak baik..

    Takde orang nak bawak mee or meehoon or nasi goreng ke?? I'm dying to have some home cooked mee/meehoon/nasi goreng..

    Actually, pizza ke, KFC ke is actually a good idea. Sebab senang and semua orang (adults and kids) makan.. tapi kalau rajin nak bawak lasagna or trifle tu, we happily welcome with open mouths.

    Lollies: i thot you said it might tukar to 22nd .. confuse lah. Anyways, if you cna make it, buat lah murtabak.. ;) If not, then I guess we'll meet in Qatar, insya-Allah.

    what abt org lain e.g. lazydaisy, bear, nekbat, gartblue, zan dll?
    Apa cerita diorang? or maybe they dont come and read my blog eh?.. hee hee

  10. oh i am so sorry to have confused you. I said I hope I had mistyped the request for the ticket to be on the 22nd rather than on the 12th. Apparently I did not mistype. My flight will be on the 12th 0730 Qatar airways.

    I just told gart about your blogspot. nekbat tu masih lagi malu-malu kucing. Kalau I memang pergi, I akan pujuk juga nekbat to go. Pilah nekbat. please even if I am not there to smother you with Angelina Lollies kisses.

  11. *sembunyi di sebalik langsir*
    I do read your blog! (very late at night) And I will now seriously consider it, even tho Lollies won't be there to smother me with Angelina Lollies kisses. IF I come, I can bring mee hoon goreng IF no one else volunteer. Otherwise IF I can make it, I can bring cake choklit.

  12. sorry dah-ling sis, I can't make it on tat day either, my MPO performance ends at 6pm or so..

  13. helo, insyaAllah i will come with hubby and danial.. maybe i bawak KFC ataupun dessert puding karamel (ok tak) nanti confirm balik ye

  14. insyallah, i takleh nak janji, hopefully things will reda by 18th dec..nanti confirm balik jadik or not and what to bring. btw, when r we going to have 'Girls day out' with Mdm Y??

  15. suka jer nak buat party besar-besar celebrate birthday kiter.

  16. Lollies: We'll definitely miss your angelina lollies kisses..

    Nekbat: come lah come lah..(and bawaklah meehoon goreng) i'm sure Anis Suhaila would be more than happy to bestow you with kisses, and if the chocolate cake is smothered with fudge, you'll get more kisses from other mommies!

    Mi: oh ye lah.. i remember you telling abt it. Good luck in the prformence! I'm sure we'll have a family makan2 kan?

    LazyDaisy: KFC or Puding karamel, semua akan di sambut dengat mulut ternganga.. :)

    Zan: I arrive Dec 15th tengahari (thursday), wanna do it Friday Lunch Dec 16th?. The next week (mid week, before org rush balik kampung for christmas) we'll be heading for kedah. balik KL balik maybe after New Year's. My flgiht balik Saudi is JAn 12th.. so.. up to you guys lah.. I free sokmo.. kih kih.

    femme bread: ha ah yek... kita lupa lakkk!! So you coming right?? Boleh ler kita suruh nekbat letak happy birthday kat choc cake dia..

    p/s YAYYYY layout dah tukar.. THANX DIDI!!!

  17. selamat bergathering ok...cari2 semua modblogger ..rupanya semua dah duduk sebumbung dlm blogspot..rindu giler lah kat modblogger tapi tak dpt join the gathering lahh,.,

  18. Jumpa gak last-last stroberi kat sini. tenkiu Lollies menglinkkan.

    Mula-mula tuu Modblog macam posa 6 jer. Lepas tuu 7,8,9 ??

    Aisey, jumpa-jumpa makan makan is oways nice...

  19. ok guys, time to get down to the details.

    the date is pretty set, same goes as the venue. details are as follows:

    date: 18 dec 05 (3pm - 7pm)
    venue: taman putrajaya wetlands (near taman botani putrajaya)
    theme: potluck party (we can bbq as well there)
    payment - RM10/person (kids pun kena bayo). to be paid on the day - at the kaunter.

    greatly appreciate your kind feedback on 2 things:

    1. attendance - Y/N
    free to come and join us? if YES - how many i.e. A-2, K-8 (a for adult, k for kids)

    2. food
    food that you wanna bring i.e. mee hoon goreng kulai, california buffolo wing, spageti ala kadar ..


    we need to response and finalise this latest by monday 05/12. tenkiu.

    yg terasa dirinya benar - bert-the-ceo

  20. Pretty much confirm, insyaAllah..shall be coming:

    1. 7 persons
    2. will bring Trifle..lain2 menu kalau nak tambah, may be later.

    kalau tak ada apa2 perubahan, that's it lah..

  21. harap harap got family makan makan la *winks*

  22. i'm coming as well, bear _ diah pun sama rasanya.

    how to contact u sis in mesia? am still using my old hp no.