Monday, March 28, 2005

Ernesto and James

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I managed to finish watching 2 movies last week, in several sittings because I have to babysit my nephew, and clean the house, and take care of my kids and stuff.


The Motorcycle Diaries
I often try to watch movies with no preconception, so that I dont create any presumptions. With the amount of coverage that this Academy Award Best Foreign Picture got, I thought I would end up being dissapointed because I would be expecting so much out of it. I was suprised.
I extremely enjoyed watching these 2 guys try to travel across South America in their beat up Norton 500, to see how they matured from hormone laden, fun seeking men into men with principle, commitment and compassion.
The cinematography was beautiful, the script was entertaining. There were sprinkles of funny moments thruout the movie. My favourite ones were these conversations:
in Cuzco where the boy said "These walls were built by the Incas, those walls were built by the Incapables, the Spanish"
and when they were denied food for not attending mass,
"I didnt know there was such a rule, I have never even seen the rule book" "If I saw it, I would probably eat it"
If you don't know yet, this movie is about Che Guevera. And watching the things he went through, the lessons he learned, the spirit he took from the experience of meeting the people during this journey and knowing what he eventually became, it made me wonder.
How many times have I been faced with injustice or hardships faced by other people and have just stood by and watched? I mean, I would rant about it for a few hours, days or even weeks after.. but how many times have I made the effort to try to make a change?
And I don't mean we should all go start a revolution or something. Just start small.. changing yourself, or your family or your community. Find something you are passionate about and try and do something about it.
This reminds me of Lance Armstrong who started the Live Strong yellow bracelets. He sells these bracelets for a dollar and all the money goes into research for cancer. Last night on Oprah (an episode which aired like in November last year), he had collected 35 million dollars!
I don't think i can collect 35 million dollars by selling anything, but I guess I can start by being more sympathetic towards that lady with 3 kids that sits in front of my mom's house after every friday prayer.

Finding Neverland
Oh my god this movie...
It made me cry so hard. and I didnt even know why I was crying.
To tell you the truth, I only wanted to watch it because it had you know who. And because I heard it was good. And it was.
To say the story was touching would be an understatement. It just reaches out and grabs your heart. I didnt think I would cry at first, because I didnt cry at the sad moments. But actually it's those happy and beautiful ones that got to me.
It's an amazing story.
I'm gonna go search for 'Peter Llewelyn Davies' after this.

Menu for lunch tomorrow: Tom Yam Udang, Kailan ikan Masin, telur dadar and white rice.

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