Thursday, March 31, 2005

The Contender and AR7

The Contender
I missed the first 2 episodes of The Contender. The first episode I saw was the one where Ishe beat Ahmed. (I was glad, coz Ahmed looked pretty arrogant, thought he was pretty to look at, and so was his girlfriend).
I am not much of a boxing fan. I find it violent and painful to watch. But watching The Contender made me see that the boxers as real people, with families, dreams and aspirations.
I was too young to remember what Rocky was all about, plus Rocky was a movie. Everything looked unreal and made up, coz you know it's a movie. On real sports events, you only see boxers in the ring, and seldom outside (unless they're in court or something) so you tend to not see them as real people.
Somehow The Contender has a tragic edge to it, and I'm not saying this just because Najai passed away (for whatever reasons.. but he did look a bit unstable on the show).
With Survivor, if you get voted out, you lose nothing. You get back on a plane, get back to your life, eating regular food.
With The Apprentice, you might even be better off (or not) with the exposure. Contestants that are fired get into a nice taxi with their resumes intact.
But with the contender, losign seems so final. It's like the end of their career or something. i wonder if it's just dramatized to be that way for ratings purposes, of if it's really that way in real life..

*damn*. I've gotta go. Someone's coming to the house to fix the gate.

Just a short note on AR7.
I am ashamed that The Rombers didnt stop to ask the brothers whether they were okay. Race or not, it is not polite.
The Karma police finally caught up with Ray&Deanna.. that's what u get for not helping an old woman with her forehead cut but her sense of humor intact ("We're collecting money for the Rhino Fund. And were not Lion".. was cheesy, but hilarious, given the situation)
Did anyone else think that Deanna got beat up by Ray? She looked all bruised and had trouble opening up her left eye or something.
My advise to Deanna: Dont date Ray. Ever Again.

gotta go!!

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