Monday, April 26, 2004

PJ Christmas single 2003

Playing: Spin The Black Circle, Pearl Jam

On Saturday morning my mom called me up to tell me that i have a 'package' sent to her house (we live like a block away, I still use her address as my mailing address sometimes).
Went over as soon as I could and LO AND BEHOLD!
It's the 2003 Christmas Single from Pearl Jam!! woo hooo !!!
too bad it's a vinyl.. i don't have a record player!! *bang bang bang my head on the wall*.
Actually, i didnt join the ten club to get the christmas single. I joined it *just in case* they decide to come and play in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.. then I'd get privileged tickets.
I hope it happens before I die.
Hope hope hope.

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