Friday, April 23, 2004


This was my first blog post on modblog. Look at what I was thinking and what jibrille commented. It was kinda prophetic.

Hm.. interesting jugak modBlog nih..
I've heard of blogging for so long, tapi this is my first time I'm trying it out.
So basically it's like a diary that everybody else can read, eh?
I have a few questions.. which I don't know who will answer.
1. Why is it that people tend to write blogs in english and not their mother tongue? (is this statement even true?)
2. If this is my diary, what are the chances that I will lose it? (i.e. the data getting wiped out). How long are blogs retained?

ermm that's all i'm wondering right now

Posted by: jibrille (Offline)
Date: 4/25/04 at 9:48PM (7d4h ago)

1.) This is an English site, so it only makes sense to write in english.

2.) I think you'll never lose it, unless a server crashes.

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