Tuesday, April 27, 2004

Another pending birth

Playing: Down, Pearl Jam

Got a call from Dolly while buying groceries today. She went to see her gynae and Dr. Idris said that her blood pressure is 160, so she's gotta be admitted into the hospital. They're gonna schedule a C-section either today or tomorrow.
Well, I'm glad it's gonna be a C-section, because judging from the size of her tummy, I don't think the baby can fit through the normal passage.. heh heh

Mama's asking me to go visit her tonight.. "for moral support". But I don't feel like going.. I mean, I love my sister, but it's not like she's giving birth yet. She's just lying there in the hospital bed. I think a call would suffice.
Oh God. Now I'm feeling guilty for saying that.

I'll ask my husband. Maybe he'd feel too lazy to go too, then I can tell my mom my husband doesnt wanna go to visit yet, then I'd have an excuse.. hee hee. Taufik always saves the day!

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