Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Izani got this Ben10 Colouring book in a party goodie bag one day.
He opened the first page of the book and went, "Eyeewwww... love hearts!!"
His siblings started crowding around him to see and I heard them all expressing disgust one after another.
"What??? Ben&Gwen???"
"Why are they hugging??"
"and what's up with her tummy??"
"eyeeewwwww... are they married??"
Ilham finally took a look at it, and being the eldest, tried to tone it all down by offering an explanation, "I think Ben just gave Gwen a piece of cake and she's so full that's why her tummy is like that. And she's happy and is hugging Ben to say thanx"
They were quiet for a bit until someone said
"You know if Ben married Gwen, it's like abang marrying aliya"
"eyeeeewwwww!!!!" they all went.

No offence to Aliya, coz she's a gorgeous girl, but marrying your cousin is. just. eyew.

Who came up with this picture anyway?? sicko.
I can never watch Ben10 the same way again.


  1. cousin n cousin?....eeeeeyyyewwwww!

  2. eeeiiii apa punya gambar ni? spoil betul.

    walaubagaimana pun aliya memang sweet. sya had good time with her and anis

  3. tak sesuai lansung nih. luckily Pasha has no interest on Ben 10... eyewww...

  4. Tun - i have a suspicion that orang yang buat buku ni sebenarnya tak pernah tengok Ben10 pun. Because if they did, they would know that Gwen is with Kevin E Levin.

    Lollies - Kan? Sungguh tak patut! Takde quality control ke :P

    Bear - Pasha has no interest in Ben10? How in the world did you manage to do that? Terrer lah you.

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  6. Elisa, we made him to watch Playhouse Disney Channel only :)

  7. This is just SO wrong!