Thursday, July 09, 2009


These past few weeks I have been crying almost every other day.
It's not just about MJ's passing.
It's not just about watching Nur Kasih.
It's not just about mourning the assasination of Warrick Brown (I know, it's like so old news ... what to do, I'm a little delayed)

Last week I read about ben's mom-in-law's cancer.
Today I learned that she has succumbed to the disease.

I have never met Ben in real life, nor have I met her husband and his mom. But having read Ben for all these years on modblog, efx2, and now wordpress, (five years?) I felt like I know Ben and her family. I have grown to care for them.
I am saddened for her loss, just like I was saddened by the losses suffered by all of my other friends these past few years.
From what I have read about Heiny (ben's husband), and the 21 years of their marriage, I have concluded that ben's mom-in-law must have been quite a woman to have raised a son like that.
May she rest in peace and may her memories be forever cherished by her family.

*sends lots and lots of hugs to ben*


  1. i know ben is one of you closest blogging buddies since modblog.

    my condolence to her and family.

    ((((hugs lisa and ben)))

  2. Wow, we have known each other for a while haven't we?! :)
    To say it's been a horrible few weeks would be the understatement of the year. Friends like you have meant so much to me during this time (and always) so thank you Elisa, for everything. She was a wonderful woman and we miss her terribly.