Tuesday, August 26, 2008


wah 6 days flew so fast.. I have no excuse for not blogging, but heck if I'm not gonna try to give some.
My internet was unstable. I had laundry to do (I dont understand why I always have loads of laundry to do after a long holiday. It's as if I did not do any laundry at all when I was where I was). I forgot I was lactose intolerant. Correction - I thought I had gotten over being lactose intolerant, but I was wrong. (I drank fresh milk and suffered headaches and diarhea, i dont know how to spell that word, for 2 days. too much info, I know). I had to finish 21 sudoku challenges! (berpinau mata).
I was malas.


My Phone.
As I mentioned in my previous post, my old phone got stolen.
We were in Paka (Trengganu) sleeping at a friend's house (a very lovely house, lotsa windows, no grills, wooden floors, huge backyard filled with fruit trees and a view of the river mouth and south china sea) and I had charged the phone in the kitchen on the first floor and when I woke up and went downstairs I found both phone and charger gone. Someone(s) had broken into the house through a window with a broken latch and took what was easily reached and disposable. Also missing was a bag of duku, and I think a bag of instant keropok that my aunt Loni gave, coz I couldnt find it anywhere.
I wasnt really bummed that my phone got stolen. It was a really old Motorola E398, and the battery/charger was going all wonky anyways. I had to charge it everyday to keep it alive. Taufik had said that we should buy a new phone.
I was bummed, though, that with the phone, I also lost pictures of my kids when they were younger, especially Anis when she was chubbier and curlier, and everyone's phone numbers!!! (Last year Taufik accidently threw away my SIM card, so I kept all my numbers in the phone instead of the card, so now I have nothing. Nothing! except for maybe a few numbers that Taufik had kept in his handphone)
So if you're reading this and you have my Saudi number, please do sms me your number so that I could keep in touch with you.
And also because i lost everyone's numbers, I was not able to contact some people that I had wanted to meet up during my holiday. My apologies!!! (Especially you Farah.. dah beranak ke belum?)


My NEW Phone.
I hearrrrtttttttt my new phone!
It's a Nokia 5310 XpressMusic, in red. Taufik chose it for me. I had wanted a different phone, but I am glad he forced made me buy this one.
I had just transferred PearlJam's Lost Dogs, Riot Act and the avocado album into the phone. I had also transferred some bootlegged songclips I had stored on my computer (like Stuff&Nonsense that Eddie did with Neil Finn at Karma Club).
I can now rawk to PearlJam while I cook in the kitchen. woo hooooo!!
All I need now is either a headphone with longer wires coz the ones I have are really short and keep coming off my ears when I have the phone in my pocket and I bob my head, OR .. get me blootooth headphones. oh yeah...
hey hey I have a birthday coming up, maybe that's what i should ask for *wink*

More tomorrow or whenever I finish uploading pictures into Flickr.


  1. alamak! kerepok pun nak curi? lapar ke pencuri tu? siannya la..
    tapi sayangkan all pictures kat dalam tu..
    tapi sebagai ganti, dapat phone baru.. besttttt... ;)

  2. yes yes, phone ni memang best.. tak payah lah I beli iPod.. tee hee! :)

  3. i too lost my phone 3 weeks back.. sedihkan, the photos & the contacts info yg hilang tu .. but good thing kak lisa dah ada pengganti

  4. salam kak lisa,
    I visited your blog several times before you left for KL and i guess masa u kat KL u didn't blog much.then I checked today, tgk u dah balik saudi..boohoo hoo.And you wrote you were in KLCC during lunch!lagila i sedey..thought I could just come over and say hi to you.
    takpela..next time..
    ANyhow, bestnya dpt fon baru#!

  5. Salam Elisa, selamat berehat selepas bercuti. Mak teh telah simpan sebotol acar buah untuk Elisa tetapi nampaknya tidak ada rezeki.

    Actually mak teh lalu lalang kat tempat you stay tu tetapi tak tau the address. Hehehe! Lainkali balik lagi and mungkin ada rezeki.

  6. finally!! ada new entry.. cewaaaah hp baruuu.. kereeeen bangettt!! ada hikmahnya jg hp hilang kan.. ;)

  7. Anonymous10:31 PM

    i just came across your blog and love the photography!
    how can i email you for tips on taking photos?

  8. That penyangak buat malu orang Teganun aje.
    Go for the blue tooth. Get well soon. Huggers!

  9. pakai la readers senang nak track jugak.

    jangan phone terendam dengan sayur sekali cukup eheheh

  10. selamat cuti2....dan welcome back to saudi ....sama tu kita d malaysia...tapi i tak tau pun....

    errrr, ada juga best nye ilang phone lama...dpt yg baru!!!!


  11. Sorry to hear about your lost hp, you may have read in FB on my own recent loss!I am still in Msia but will sms you my RUH number..

  12. I don't get it about stealing keropok and duku but maybe dorang kebulur or something. so would like some snacks as well as fruits. hmm.

    but glad ur back blogging.altho now my access are limited yet again. ahah


  13. everyone,

    we suspect the burglars were drug addicts, so they only took things that were easily disposable.

    hey sorry tak dapat pegi BSC itu hari.. :P

    masya-Allah, you made acar buah for me? Thankyou so much!! Sungguh terharu.. Tapi nak buat camner, belum ada rezeki nak rasa acar buah makteh.
    My house is dekat Masjid Al-Hidayah. I must remember to get your number the next time I balik, ok?

    aiyoh I am not an expert lah.. just go to flickr and you'll find many many people who are better at photography than me.
    Dont be shy to ask questions though, I'll try to answer what I can. :)