Monday, December 19, 2005

Yoo hoooooo!!!

I am at my dad's.

We cancelled the phone connection at our house before we left, so no internet connection at home... bummer.
I don't know when I'll be able to get on-line again, so a few guidelines on how you can contact me (for gathering invitations and such.. hee hee):

1. My mobile phone still works, so you can call/sms me on my previous celcom number. (Nekbat: aku talipong mung semaley. Guano tok jawab...)

2. I will be in KL probably till Dec 23rd. We plan to drive up to Alor Setar by then. Then I will be back in KL by Jan 4th. So if you wanna meet up in KL, those are the dates I'll be around.

Oh, in other news. First thing I did when I got home was went to my mom's for lunch. I had Udang masak lemak cili api and tempe goreng.. yum yum yum. Then I had Lau Wan Char Kuey Teow for dinner. Then roti canai, then dim sum, then nasi lemak cikgu, then .. mm.. can't remember anymore. Suffice to say that I am fulfilling my gastronomic fantasies.

Oh more news, I also went to see my Ob&Gyn (Dr. Idris in PMC), and he confirmed I was 20weeks, and he scanned for the baby's condition and development (All is well, alhamdulillah) and the kids was so excited to find out the baby's gender...
It's a boy!
Ihsan was so happy, he exclaimed "Yay!! We did it!!! We got a boy!!"

On Sunday I went to the Malaysian Modblog Gathering in FRIM, expecting a lot of people and KFC so I made a HUGE bowl of potato salad.. but alas, only a few could make it..
Takper, we had fun anyways. The kids enjoyed themselves despite us thinking that they'd be bored. What do you expect when you let kids loose in a semi-forest?
The gathering was abruptly cut short due to rain, and I didnt even get a chance to say a proper goodbye and thankyou.. Sorry guys!

okay we're gonna have lunch in Chilli's Mid Valley now (My dad, Mimi and my kids and I) so.. laytur, whenever.

You guys have a good holiday!

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Posted by:bertique
Date: 12/19/05 at 6:46 AM (6M1d ago)

i must talk with ilham again when we meet, MUST. haha .. with his fantasy and such, ada ker unicorn kat saudi .. he was so funny, and confused at times ;) .. doesn't help lak an when you have me to talk to .. hahaha

lupa lak, the potato salad was superb! best giler ok. tapi at 10 am, KFC mana bukak sis .. kalau tak, mmg i dah bli dah berbarrel-barrel ;) .. it was a good outing anyway kan ??

if you wanna try chinese food - ala carte eat all you can (no kidding!) .. try kat xing zhu cyberview lodge cyberjaya .. rate dia dlm RM55++ if am not mistaken .. it's ala carte style (means that they have like 30 set of masakan yg u buleh pilih) but eat all you can .. hehe whatever it's - mmg best.

Posted by: zan
Date: 12/19/05 at 7:40 AM (6M1d ago)
you masak sardin makan dgn roti ker? cyberview lodge, jauhnyerrr...but i guess mesti sedap giler..

Posted by:bertique
Date: 12/19/05 at 8:11 AM (6M1d ago)
masak sardin letak kentang potong dadu, tomato pototng dadu ..
ikan sardin tuh digoreng terlebih dahulu ;) ..
then perah sebiji lemon .. sedapnya ..

err apa soklan u tadi??

aaa betul, mkn ngan roti. i penah try mkn ngan spageti - best gak actually ;)

Posted by: zan
Date: 12/19/05 at 7:40 AM (6M1d ago)
ayoo...dah lama tak makan kat chillis...

Posted by: BerryBear
Date: 12/19/05 at 2:48 PM (6M1d ago)
yup.. poor turnouts but great event, nevertheless... love the salad and the cekodoks! bert's sardines was great too! and great to see you again!

XXXXX Nak kena gigit ke? XXXXX

Posted by: yellowcabbie (View Website)
Date: 12/20/05 at 7:18 AM (6M13h ago)
congratulations on your new baby news... jaga diri well.. dah start think of names ke?

Posted by: lion3ss (View Website)
Date: 12/20/05 at 8:12 AM (6M12h ago)
I pulok yang terliur baca. Anyway, too bad I couldn't make it hari tu. Family matters. Missed out on ur potato salad lah kang?

Posted by: famygirl
Date: 12/21/05 at 1:22 AM (5M4w ago)
potato salad itu memang yummy. i nak makan banyak-banyak tapi *malu*

you know me, anything sweet chocolate-y, or cheesy, or mayonnaise-y hee hee

Posted by: roserose
Date: 12/21/05 at 4:02 AM (5M4w ago)
Alor Setar tak banjir ke?

Posted by:nick898
Date: 12/21/05 at 9:45 PM (5M4w ago)
You just ramble on about all different things as I was scrolling. It's interesting to read. Keep up the good work!

Posted by:
Date: 12/23/05 at 8:33 AM (5M3w ago)
bert....u masak sardin utk sume org...u dr dulu janji nak buat sardin roll kasi i...huhu...nak najuk la cenggini

Posted by: Leez (View Website)
Date: 12/29/05 at 1:42 AM (5M3w ago)
hey welcome back!! wowww... looks like you got your hands full with gatherings! wish i could join! hehehe.. as if i'm invited!!

anyway, have fun!! and take it easy ye! have a happy new year :)

Posted by: marinadelrey (View Website)
Date: 01/04/06 at 8:27 AM (5M2w ago)
hey u like all the same foods i do! from lauk lemak udang to Chilli's...and can u post up ur potato salad recipe por favor? another boy huh? congrats n take care mummy-to-be! got any advice for a first timer like moi?

Posted by: Ripcord (View Website)
Date: 01/07/06 at 6:44 AM (5M1w ago)
Your blog seems to be taking ages to load up lately... =(

Posted by: The Angel Islington
Date: 01/13/06 at 6:46 AM (5M6d ago)
Kak elisa I miss you and your postings! Glad you're back.

The not-so-active-commen ter on Spread the Jam

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