Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Well, whaddaya know..

I still have my internet connection.. hm.. maybe they'll cut it tomorrow.
While it's still up, some ramblings:

If you visit somebody's blog and leave a what you think is a really friendly comment, and the next time you come you see that the blog owner has deleted your comment, would you be offended?
I think I would be. And I am.
It made me think, either this person has a personal dislike for me for some reason (even though it was my first time visiting), or this person is intensely private and just wants her friends to leave comments.
Either way, the message I get is "Go Away".
And you know what, I probably will.

I never knew skanky tops are so difficult to choose. I mean.. you don't want your little sister to look like a slut.. How do you find a skanky top that's not .. well.. so skanky?

I just watched The Man Who Cried the other day, and Johnny Depp looked so yummy. He was scooping horse shit and looked delectable.
And I wonder, when has he ever NOT looked yummy?
Okay maybe in Jung, he looked a bit revolting to me, but even in Pirates of the Carribean where he looks so stinky that you could almost smell him, I found him quiet appealing. In Charlie and The Chocolate Factory, he looked as good enough to eat as some of the candy in his factory, even with his false teeth. He even made that guy in Corpse Bride extremely attractive by lending it his voice.
And don't even mention Don Juan. I couldn' stand watching that movie coz he looked so good it was depressing.
I don't think anybody but Johnny Depp could pull that off. Nope. not even Brad Pitt (he looked absolutely horrifying in Kalifornia, he didnt look good bald in Oceans 11/12).

What in the world do people do with saffron (besides cooking paella) ? They're damn expensive.. but it seems to be something some people want from over here..

Ilham has his Musical Concert today. Taufik can't go coz he's been taking time off at least once for the past 2 weeks. last 2 weeks, for a walkathon. Last Week, for the Snow Queen. ANd next week we're already on our vacation.. so today he's just gonna send me and Anis to school and go off to lunch before going back to work.
I'll take pictures. If we're lucky and the internet connection is still up, maybe I'll post some here!
oh, which reminds me, you can see what goes on in the boys' school at Look for the galleries andd you can look at pictures of all the activities in school. It's quiet good. You might even find a few pictures with Ilham or Ihsan on there.

Okay gotta go now.

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