Saturday, October 08, 2005

how bake beans can turn into karipap

Q: What do you do with leftover baked beans?
A: You make Chili con carne

Q: What do you do with leftover chili con carne?
A: You make karipap.

My huge and ugly karipap<----My Huge and Ugly Karipap

That's what I did. I had some leftover baked beans from breakfast before ramadhan started and then I made chili con carne for iftar a few days ago, but there were some chili left over.
Today I browsed for recipes for karipap skin, and voila, made karipap.

easy peasy karipap

225grams of flour
1 stick (roughly 113 grams) of I cant believe it's not butter or margerine would do
a pinch of salt
some lukewarm water

Leftover chili con carne
Potatoes (boiled till tender, then diced)
hard boiled eggs, cut into 4, or cut into circles, whichever u prefer.

Mix diced potatoes into chili con carne. Set aside.
In a mixing bowl, mix flour, salt and butter with hands till its mixed well and crumbly. Add water bit by bit while kneading, until dough starts to unstick from walls of bowl. Knead for a while, let it rest for a bit (like 30 minutes lah lebih kurang).
I divided my dough into 8, since I only had enough eggs for 8 (2 hard boiled eggs which I quartered). This made really huge karipaps. I guess you can divide the dough into 16 and make medium sized ones.
I dont have a rolling pin, nor a pastry board, so .. I just rolled up the dough in my hands then flattened them and just spread them out on a plate. I put a dollop of filling and a piece of egg, then pinched and folded the edges to seal them.
The karipap should be deep fried in hot oil until golden.

They weren't pretty but they were damn delicious. ;)


  1. huuuu....sedapnyaaaaaa

    serious, terliur nih.

    i have to try your karipap soon.

  2. you pandai kelim karipap ya?

    see dah boleh letak gambar dah

  3. yes ma'am..
    under this 'blur-blur' exterior lies a woman who knows how to kelim karipap.. one of the side effects of having a Home-Ec teacher as your mother.

    senang jugak nak post gambar ek? I just needed to play around with the formating a bit.

  4. sekarang kena spread the jam kat blogspot plak la ek? anyway, bulan2 pose ni makan karipap sedap jugak