Thursday, January 27, 2005

Tai Chi

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Tai Chi is an ancient martial arts exercise. The gentle movements and postures are designed to achieve a harmonious flow of energy (chi) in the body. The movements are coordinated with breathing patterns and performed slowly so that the practitioner can focus on changes in balance, flexibility, and muscle tension. This can improve balance, stability, flexibility, and skill and promote a sense of relaxation, wellbeing and improved health.
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After I have gotten into the routine of sending the kids to school every morning, I joined my mom's tai chi sessions.
I had watched my mom and her friends do their tai chi for a long time and it had looked fun and pretty easy.
Woah, was I wrong.
It's not difficult as in you need to be a contortionist to do, but it was more strenuous than I thought it would be.
Watching them do the slow, graceful and controlled movements, you'd think you could easily do the same, but it's the slow and controlled movements that actually make your muscles work. And I was far from graceful.. :P
Halfway through the session, I found my arms were a bit sore and I couldn't lift them as high as I thought I could... I actually thought it was gonna fall off.
damn.. old women could do this better than me.. it was quite embarassing.

And these women came with bags of stuff. After the session, they'd dig into their bags and take out their wares.. from scarves to jewellery, to embroidered tiny purses, to maruku and rempeyek..
Wah.. kalah BNI (Business Network International)..!

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