Monday, January 31, 2005

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Tidal waves don't ask forgiveness

I wanted to write about some drawings Ihsan made, but imagecave is down or something, kept telling me that my login has expired, even when I had created a new account.
So I've decided to rant instead.

I think women are just not allowed to be happy with whatever they have.
When I was working, the most common questions asked were "So who takes care of your children?", "Do you brestfeed?" and if i say no they would go "Oh why not?".
(Fortunately I had never gone through the phase where people ask you "Why arent you married yet?")
Now that I've stopped working, they'd go "Oh, so what are you doing now?", "Arent you bored at home doing nothing?","Such a pity, what a waste of education.."
I am NOT sitting at home doing nothing.
Yes there are times (9am to 10 am, and 1pm to 2pm, specifically), when I would be in front of the TV watching Oprah, but I'd also be eating, or ironing or folding clothes or trying to read a book or write stuff during commercial breaks.
Other times, there is laundry to be done, food to be prepared, bags to filled with books/clothes, floors to be swept, rooms and beds to be tidied up and heads to be filled with ideas other than wrecking up the house. That on top of other activities like blogging, typing up proposals, thinking up ideas for post-reading activities and driving/walking people to where they need to go.

but I am digressing.

Why is it that women are not allowed to be happy with what they have?

Can't a woman be unmarried and happy? Must they find a man to fulfill their lives?
Can't a woman be married and be happy? Must she not be commited to a man to feel independent?
Can't a woman be 'just a housewife' and be happy?
Must she have a career that has nothing to do with her children to feel succesful?
Can't a woman be a career woman and be happy?
Must she spend 24 by 7 thinking about her family to be considered responsible?

I say, Let us be.
Let us make the best of whatever situation we are in.
Let us be content be whatever life has dished out for us.
Let us be happy.
As they say, one's man's poison is another man's honey. To each, his own. etc etc etc

So the next time you meet your girlfriends and you want to ask her about her life decisions, instead of asking why (and judging her for it), ask her
"what is it about [whatever thing she's in now] that makes you happy?"
You might be suprised at to what you might find out..

Hope dins' tide will recede soon

Edited to add:
No, this had nothing to do with the conversations I had during the Nasi Dagang party.. just in general.
Don't be so paranoid lah people!!

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