Tuesday, February 21, 2012

What went down on Sunday?


For the past few years I have been getting headaches that coincides with the crimson tide. So last Saturday was no different, except that towards the evening I also developed a cold. So I took Claratyne, and closer to my bedtime I took a panadol, with hopes that the next morning I'd have slept it all off.
Woke up, still with a headache and a runny nose, teary eyes and all. After taking a shower did not alleviate the pain, I knew that breakfast was gonna be a little slow today. So I ate an apple before starting on the sausages, beans and eggs. Ilham and Ihsan came home from their sleepover at nenek's asking whether they could go with MakLong to KL, I said no. Still nursing my headache, I got the boys to help me out with breakfast. Ihsan was cooking sausages while I was peeling some shallots and garlic for the baked beans. One minute I was rinsing the knife, next minute it was like the end of a silent movie, where the bright circle in the middle of the dark screen got smaller and smaller until everything was black. Next thing I knew, Taufik was repeatingly calling out my name and I was lying on the floor.

Taufik then brought me to the hospital with Anis, leaving the older boys at home to watch over Izani and his cousins (who came for a sleepover the night before). Riding up and down the elevator made me so woozy that by the time we got to the emergency room and Taufik got me registered, I had puked out bits of apple all over the floor.
I felt awful, but it was actually a blessing, coz I caught the nurse's attention and they admitted me into the Resus room straight away. (tee hee)

So the doctor came to see me, asked me what happened, I told him. He called the Neurologist and she asked me the same questions, did some tests just like I saw on ER/Grey's/House (follow my finger, touch my finger, touch your nose etc etc). She checked my head for bumps, but there weren't any. I think I fell bum first coz it hurt a bit. (Shows you which part of my body is heaviest... ha ha). She calls my headaches 'migraines' but I am kinda reluctant to call it that, coz I've seen friends with migraines, and I don't think mine are *that* bad. She thinks it's nothing, I fainted most probably coz I was trying to do too much after taking anti-histamines that usually requires resting coz it knocks you out. But if we want to be sure, we can either do a CAT scan or an MRI, the latter being more accurate but it requires me being admitted into the hospital because the test and its results take a while. We decided we might as well do the MRI since we're already there.

While waiting for my room to be ready, I managed to take a nap in the ER and woke up feeling a bit better, even though it still felt like there were rocks in my head.

Of course when you get admitted into the hospital, things sound more serious than it actually is. The whole family stopped by to visit and all. I hope they were not too dissapointed that I wasn't as sick as they thought I was. ha ha ha.

Tomorrow I'll tell you all about my MRI experience. It was quite interesting ;)


  1. Kak Elisa, that sounded scaaaaary!

    Im also a person who gets constant headaches, sometimes even migraines. I get one if Im too stressed, I get one if im too upset, I even get one if the weather is too hot. But alhamdulillah Ive never blacked out before.

    The last time I went to the doctors bcos of a 3 day headache that didnt go away, she asked me some pretty scary questions that freaked me out. So I convinced myself that I was alrite. Hehhe.

    I hope you're feeling better. Syafakillah :)

  2. Kheng Hoe3:35 AM

    "Syafakillah". That's a new word to me. What's the meaning, kalau sudi ajar? Thanks.

  3. Myra - That was the first time I fainted. I think it was scary for Taufik and the kids too. I rasa it was more because of exhaustion than anything else. Hari Sabtu tu I did too many things. compounded by the cold that made it difficult to rest betul2. Jazakillah for the du'a ;)

    Kheng Hoe - "Syafakillah" means "May Allah make it easy (or in this case, heal) you". If you're saying it to a guy, you should say "Syafakallah" though.