Wednesday, January 13, 2010

What's Going On?

These stuff:

1. I am not going back to Malaysia for good.
2. We were originally planned to move to Oman.
3. A few days before christmas, we received a call that we're moving to Dubai instead.
4. Since Christmas, I have been frantically searching for schools and potential homes online (thanx Dayah for loaning her laptop and broadband thingamajig). ALhamdulilllah, we managed to enquire and get responses from a few schools even though some of them were closed for the holidays.
5. We drew up an action plan for the move. (you know me... control freak)
6. 30th January we flew back to Saudi, got necessary documents copied/printed and ready for submission.
7. 4th January we flew to Dubai and started school visits and Ilham took his placement tests.
8. After visiting 2 schools, we decided on Jumeirah College and Jumeirah Primary School for its location more than anything else. Alhamdulillah all of our applications were accepted! yay!
9. After viewing at least 6 houses a day for several days, we finally settled on an independent villa that we liked, but the agent/owner was horrible, so after a few days of quarelling, we decided to scrap that house and picked another one, 1.3 kms from school. (I'm gonna walk to send/pick up the kids from school on good weather days. Taufik is hoping I can kurus. Yeah right.)
10. Yes, the villa has a guest room. Please do come and visit! :)
11. We're now back in Saudi to settle some stuff with school and do last minute shopping (I am STILL eyeing that kitchenaid tee hee) and PACK & MOVE.
12. We will fly to Dubai on the 20th, and kid will start school on the 24th.

I'll write more later, like what I think of Dubai and that drama with the real estate agent.


  1. Finally, cant wait for your posting! Good luck with your new location.

  2. now i have 4 houses to visit in Dubai. if i ever get the chance to go. accomodation cost, RM0. hehe...

  3. wow k elisa, merantau merata dah. seronotnyee dpt belajar byk benda. anyway all the best, insyaAllah dipermudahkan

  4. I miss you, kak elisa hihihi :D

  5. so so faham the frantic. :D. but it will be an adventure. the hwole thing.

    and i still remember our house hunt..all the house i like tak boleh sebab kalau nak jugak kena top up duit rumah inilah jugak yang i terpaksa duduk. hopefully thise year is better. they say rent is going down.

  6. and dengan tak malunya I am inviting myself to your guest room soon..may or dec,,tunggu la..:P

  7. ha! Dubai can be one of our next destination after Korea (and maybe Australia):) does the guest room comes with tour guide:) he he... can exchange with a box of Korean drama or movie ...:-)

  8. Anonymous6:07 PM

    good to see u blogging again and looking fwd to read more. enjoy dubai! -roziana, jeddah -

  9. YoursTruly,
    Thankyou.. tapi post baru pasal dubai nanti dulu ya.. belum habis drama cari rumah .. :P

    Thankyouuu :)
    doa2kan subaya we get the house that we really wanted.

    Yes yes yes.. sila sila..

    Merata hapa.. baru KSA and UAE.. ostolia tak sampai lagi ;)
    he he he.. alhamdulillah, bersyukur dan pasrah aje dengan ketentuan Allah. Doa2kan lah kami semua selamat dunia, akhirat.. :)

    hey how are you feeling today? Sihat?

    Jangan haraplah Taufik nak top up duit sendiri, so we look for a house within the budget , macam you.
    So will you move if you can find another house within your allocation?

    ha.. boleh boleh.. bawaklah buah tangan seperti neverfull aqua atau yang sewaktu dengan nya.. *mwahahahah*
    Atau bawak sekali kawan yang bernama seperti buah2an tempatan pun boleh..

    Ha ha Availability of tour guide depends on school schedule ya.. :) Boleh datang aje.. tapi boleh pilih tajuk drama tak? I nak La Dolce Vita or Iris.. tee hee

    I know.. sungguh lama tak blog!! I blame FB :P
    How are you doing?

  10. Hi Salams, I wish you all the best on your relocation. May Allah bless you all.

  11. InsyaAllah everything will go fine.
    Dubai is definitely easier to visit than Saudi (visa-wise) so I might want to see Dubai in the day time for once.
    Hugs and kisses to everyone.

  12. Tho we rarely met in KSA,your absence in the kingdom will definitely be
    All the best on your hijrah to Dubai. At least you already have frens there! Ruby for one :-)

    Dah lama sikit kat sana, can kenal kenal with my bro's family, Aslam. He is in the O&G ind. too :-)

  13. Dubai pulok Joe.. sikit lagi jadi pro supo moi la bab pindah randah..hehe..