Friday, August 14, 2009

La Dolce Vita

I've been watching this Korean Drama Series on mysoju.
It's about a housewife (Hye Jin), who upon discovering that her husband is having a long-standing affair with a younger woman, decided to go to Hokkaido, initially to kill herself. There, she is relentlessly pursued by a younger man (Jun Soo), who made it his mission to save her life, whilst in turn, saving himself. As the story progresses, I watched who these two people were prior to the trip, how that few weeks in Hokkaido absolutely turned their lives upside down, and how they worked on living on with their lives. It's a love story and psychological drama all rolled into one. I found it quite intriguing.

From an ahjumma (makcik) point of view though, I was thinking, wahhh this must be the ultimate fantasy for a housewife lah kan? I mean, even though the housewife acts all aloof and reluctant when seduced by this younger man, you know deep inside she's really very flattered. It's Lee Dong Wook, siut. It's no wonder why this drama was so popular.

Jun Soo's (Lee Dong Wook) character was very interesting. Being so used to watching one-dimensional characters on TV, initially I didnt know what to make of him. Is he a psycho? Why is he pursuing this older woman with such passion and determination? He definitely had demons and a sordid and tragic past. He seems to be looking for a mother figure, or something. Maybe he's just out for revenge. One thing for sure, he definitely knows how to capture Hye Jin's heart (and the viewers'!).

This series is also different from other Korean series I've watched (though I haven't watched many) in terms of public display of affection. Most Korean series I've watched only implied sexual tensions and at most would show closed-mouth kissing scenes, usually towards the end where the boy finally gets the girl. But this one had kissing *and* bedroom scenes as early as the third episode. Nothing expicit lah of course, they were all very arty and respectful, but I must say they were quite sensuous and must've caused quite a sensation with the very conservative viewers in South Korea. Incidently, I think the most sensuous scene of all occured when the two were fully clothed, and they were only touching their faces. (Episode 16, if you're going to look for it. Tee hee).

Aside from Lee Dong Wook's success in showing his range of acting capabilities in this drama, I also began to realize another reason why I liked watching him so much. He so reminds me of Taufik. I mean, he is pale, thin, tall and in this series, rides a CBR. How crazy is that lah.
After every episode I watch, I couldn't wait for my husband to get home. Macam nak terkam aje. ha ha ha.
(Please dont get me wrong. Lee Dong Wook reminds me of Taufik ya, not the other way round. I dont think of LDW when I look at Taufik. Anyways, I think Taufik is way hotter. tee hee. )

Unfortunately, there are some episodes missing on mysoju. So I'm kinda 'lost' in certain story lines in the drama. I hope I can get a DVD of this drama when I get home. Ada tak?


  1. wahhhh..menarix nya story line...DVD? can't help there..we (me and mister) are watching channel 303 every sat and sun night..hehehehe...earlier tengok korean drama dolu-dolu (i like!) lepas tu tengok zaman moden sikit..hehehehe...even my mister yang kaki action pun boleh sangkut dengan korean dramaaaa...dah hafal pulak dia satu dua vocabs..

  2. hai yoh...kalau u balik..sah2 i'll be side talk coz the ladies will all be talking about korean movies with all the gurgles..mdm y, s and kak inah. mdm s siap pergi korean class n will be going to korea soon :)

  3. I think your youngest sister is going gaga over some actors in a Korean soap. The episodes are on her portable hd. I am not sure if it is the same series though.

  4. Wani,
    I hafal yang penting aje.. "Oppa, Saranghae"
    tee hee

    I know abt Mdm S learning Korean!
    Eh jangan lah you jadi side talk.. you join lah sama.. husband and anak2 you pun dah sikit2 macam Korean dah.. ;)

    really? She never mentioned it. I think La Dolce Vita would be too matured for her though.

  5. Salam! Selamat menyambut Ramadhan al Mubarak !

    Apabila dah balik Malaysia, jenguk-jenguk lah mak teh.

  6. I dah suruh orang kat kedai dvd tu cari this dvd for me:-)

    Korean beginner lesson giong to end in 2 more classes, lepas tu kena exam baru boleh naik 2nd level beginner. it was really fun!

  7. Anonymous4:08 AM

    Hi Elisa,

    I am one of your silent reader of your blog or shall I say I am your fan.. he he he.. macam artis ek..

    there's broken link for some episode of La Dolce Vita.. found this episode review at least to cover the missing part..

    link below ya..

    Salam Aidilfitri


  8. Mak Teh,
    definitely! Nak kena melawat sekolah Mak Teh ;)

    wah!! so good! Fighting! nanti boleh ajar kitorang :)

    Artist? oh tidaaaakkk :)
    Thanx for the link.. tapi lagi baca, lagi nak tengok! *huwaaaaa*