Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Izani's Itsy Bitsy Spider

At last...
Somehow this video couldnt be uploaded into Yootoob. I kept getting "Uploading failed". I almost gave up totally. Then today I visited salt&vinegar, and discovered vimeo.
Thanx PB!

Enjoy :)

izani spider song from elisa taufik on Vimeo.


  1. Cute!
    I must teach him some Terengganu songs when he comes back.
    Big hugs to all.

  2. kih kih kih

    the kids love it!

  3. i can't see a thing..mcm blank gitu..will try again later.

  4. Papa,
    I'm sure he'd love it!
    But you have to sing it to him over and over again (with action! and it's better if you can make him laugh) and he will eventually pick it up.

    There's another one coming, but it's taking forever to upload (besar sgt kot).

    It takes a while to upload. Just press 'Play' once, then wait for it to finish uploading (it may play automatically, but maybe sekerat-sekerat at first). Just wait for the 'replay' button to come out and then replay to watch it without interruption.
    DIa tak macam youtube, tapi it's the only sight that would accept my videos :P

  5. ala cayang....beruntung la awak, dapat resident entertainer gitu. comel sekali!

  6. Did he say 'now he wants to catch the fly?"

    Comey sungguh. Eirfan is into bangau oh bangau lately.

  7. eh cik lin jual dia jadi kukis raya nanti, boleh tak... tiyyyut tangat neiiiii... jangan cepat sangat grow up, boleh..