Wednesday, January 21, 2009

January 20th 2009

I just want to remember this day.

When Barack Hussein Obama was giving his inaugaral speech as the 44th President of the United States of America, I had just finished having dinner of Briyani Rice and Honey Chicken with my family, and was sewing Yan's deep purple tudung munah, which from now on I will refer to as "Tudung Obama".

It's a new day indeed.


  1. Anonymous9:15 AM

    It feels like a new day, like it gives birth to new hope kan?

    I'm just hoping he lives it up to expectations, not all but some. As long as he doesn't fails. Looks like he have the abilities, capabilities so I really, really hope he's better than the previous one.

    I was half asleep trying to keep awake to watch his inauguration with my uncle. Crap time difference!

  2. Anonymous9:15 AM

    oh that was me. nonah.

  3. As long as he stays focused and grounded in his values, I think he can do it.
    Considering how he got there, ANYTHING is possible!

  4. paranoidparakeet1:13 PM

    but with hope comes fear and uncertainty. he was swift to condemn the attacks in Mumbai but kept largely silent in contrast concerning the grave atrocities in Gaza. His stance on the matter was that Israel had acted in "self-defence". In other words, he is justifying the brutal retaliation which the world had witnessed to be manifolds greater and heavy-weighted towards the Zionist side in military strength. As a devoted dad himself, his heart should go out first and foremost to the children caught in between.

    Inspite of this, I still watched his inauguration with muted awe and overwhelming hope for world change.

    In God, we trust.

  5. Interesting... tudung obama; you should let MO have it;

  6. looking at the $$$USD spent on his inauguration with majority of the sponsors come from the jews (note the small letters) - I dont expect anything from him on the gaza-israel stance. It'll all be the same come any president of america of any race.

  7. hopefully, there'll be a better future for the rest of the world too...

    Tudung Obama?? Obama pakai tudung.. tapi a nice name tu :)

  8. I don't expect miracles, he is still just a man, but he is by far the best man who has entered into that position in a very long time.
    I am highly optimistic about the future with him at the helm of the US.

  9. I stayed up past midnight to listen to his speech. It was inspiring but I was hoping he would say more about Palestine etc.

    Big hugs.

  10. i went to bed at quarter to 4 that morning, wanting to join the world immersing in the 'new hope'. but with a self-confessed zionist as his vice president, i'm rather pessimistic that Mr.O could contribute anything in the peace process of the israel-palestinian conflict. we'll see, ey?

    in the meantime... pics of that purple Tudung Obama, pliz!

  11. eeh ingat tudung michelle ke, malia ke, shasha ke ...