Friday, August 03, 2007

I am on vacation

sorry. I wanted to reply to your comments in the previous post, but I just dont have time to.
I havent packed yet !!!

*runs around in panic*

Thankyou for all your comments and well wishes and attempts at jokes *pokes tongue out at mosh* and invitation to meet up.
And my apologies to Kimmi for not being able to drive through South Dakota on my way back.. :laugh:

As usual, I don't know if I can blog during my holiday.
If you have anything urgent to tell me, you can do so via nina a.k.a rotidua. She's done taking care of horses, so I hope she'll have more time to blog now.
I will also ask nina's help to take over the 'management' of the Merdeka Makan2. (boleh nina?)
If i have time, I will post my phone number here so that you can call/sms me for anything. Or I will get nina to help put it up for me. (boleh nina?)

See ya! :D

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